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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are passengers endangered when the vehicle is lowered onto skids in an emergency?
Can mobile phones be used in Transrapid vehicles?
Can the guideway run at grade?
Can the noise produced by the superspeed maglev system be further reduced?
Can the superspeed maglev system operate in winter?
Can the superspeed maglev system relieve air traffic and thus contribute to reducing the environmental damage done by air traffic?
Can the superspeed maglev system run off the rails?
Can the superspeed maglev system used to transport goods?
Can the Transrapid drive through tunnels?
Can the Transrapid guideway be bundled with existing traffic routes?
Can wild and other animal's unrestrictedly cross the superspeed maglev guideway?
Do the foundations of the guideway columns affect the water resources or ground water?
Do the magnetic fields generated by the Transrapid pose a danger to humans and the environment?
Do you have to wear a seat belt or support yourself during starting, braking or driving?
Does the superspeed maglev system compete with Deutsche Bahn?
Does the superspeed maglev system require additional traffic routes?
How "loud" is the superspeed maglev system?
How does the linear generator function?
How is noise measured and what does dB(A) mean?
How is the gap between the magnets and the guideway measured?
How is the guideway kept clean?
How is the superspeed maglev system tested in practice?
How many passengers can a Transrapid vehicle seat?
How much energy does the superspeed maglev system consume?
Is it necessary to have a service road running alongside the guideway?
Is the superspeed maglev system ready for application?
Is the Transrapid favorable only at very high speeds?
May transrapid vehicles collide?
To what degree (angle) can a Transrapid train climb?
What are the advantages of the elevated guideway?
What are the components of a long stator motor?
What distances between the stations are required for the superspeed maglev system to make full use of its high speed?
What does "readiness for technical application" mean?
What does it cost to built the Transrapid?
What does it cost to operate the Transrapid?
What happens when a fire breaks out in the vehicle?
What happens when a switch is not completely set?
What happens when the power fails?
What happens when the vehicle breaks down?
What happens when two trains meet?
What is "broken traffic"?
What is the difference between the Japanese and the German superspeed maglev system?
What is the maximum frequency supplied to the traveling field?
What is the minimum interval at which maglev trains can operate?
What is the regulating frequency of the levitation magnets?
What is the Transrapid's curve radius?
What is the width of the guideway pitch between two rails?
What is the width of the track gauge?
What limits the Transrapid's maximum speed?
When is the superspeed maglev system ready to go into production?
Who is inspecting the Transrapid and gives official approval for operation?
Why are attractive magnetic forces used for levitation instead of repulsive forces?
Why operating speeds up to 500 km/h?
Will passengers profit from the Transrapid even if their place of departure or destination is not near a Transrapid station?
   1 - 54     of 54